News Coverage of NoDAPL Protest on DC

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Native Nations Rise held a big protest in DC on March 10. Activists came to fight against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). As an intern from Korea, English is my second language. Inevitably, I have faced many obstacles here in the district. Compared to the deeply rooted Asia’s past, the United States lacks in history but makes up in diversity. DAPL is one of the many issues that is mixed into the social, cultural, and political controversies here in the US. I had to start from scratch, researching exactly what DAPL stands for and the five W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why) of this issue.

On the day I went out for the shoot, it was actually my first time being aware of the Native American culture. Interviewing them was such a great learning experience as they informed me of the history of their tribes. They taught me about how long their ancestors have been cherishing Mother Earth. Seeing them stand in solidarity boosted me up to turn this coverage into a really important news story. And here it is.

Big thanks to Matt, my co-intern, for being a wonderful videographer, even in the rain and snow.

Now I can fiercely make use of #NoDapl and #WaterisLife.