Arts, Humanities & the Creative Economy

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The arts…we all grew up with it! Storytelling, making music, and even creating masterpieces that our parents would showcase on the kitchen refrigerator. Art is the foundation of our creativity that drives everyday life. Realizing the importance of this realm of life, Arts Action DC brought advocates across the DC area to the John A. Wilson building. Members of the creative community met with DC council members to express the importance of the creative community and concerns about the future of art programs. Advocates ranged from filmmakers, fashion designers, and even culinary arts. Each came with a purpose and a passion to strengthen the community and increase funding for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

The morning was filled with various events like a fashion pop up, comedy shows, and performances from various musicians. These showcases gave a glimpse of the talent across DC and how the funding for the arts is being put to use. In the evening, there was a DC JAM session that was curated from the Washington Performing Arts. It was a night filled with dancing, cultural performances, and music from the youth orchestra. In one night, you could feel the cultural vibrancy of the city in just one room.

The Double R team had the opportunity to cover this event by interviewing participants and attending meetings with council members. Our president Rosemary even expressed how companies like Double R extend opportunities for students, like me, to further their passion in a professional setting. Personally, the arts have been an influential part of my life. In middle and high school I was a member of the symphonic band, participated in various speech and writing contests, and am now attending a liberal arts university. I am forever thankful for the impact that the arts and humanities have had in my life and I know that it will remain an important factor for years to come!