Blossoming a Pro Bono

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We have long awaited this time…we have prepared weeks and weeks for this…the time is finally here! One of the great projects that every Double R intern team completes is the pro bono video. We have spent the semester perfecting our craft of scriptwriting, shooting, and editing and now it is our chance to use those skills and give back to the community. Our team came across City Blossoms and was inspired by the work they’re doing for the community. Their mission is to “foster healthy communities by developing creative, kid-driven green spaces and resources.” Because of the great work they’re doing for the community, our team wanted to make a video about their organization, free of charge, to help promote their work! To help future intern teams have a succe
ssful pro bono p
roject, I have developed a list of tips to make your experience run nice and smooth!


  1. Find your passion

Finding your passion is a great way to not only know what drives you but it is also important to help you decide what organization closely aligns to your passion. There are a lot of non-profits in the area so
having a starting point will help narrow the list. Your passion can be anything from the arts
, the environment, or even education. Just make sure that whatever non-profit you select, you support the mission of the organization.


  1. Research non-profits in the area

Because there are so many non-profits in DC, you want to make sure you know everything about the organization you pick. This includes knowing what they do, if they have any upcoming events that you can cover, and whether they will need your services. It is also important to research so you have an idea of what the video will look like before you start. You want the video to be as visual as possible, so if the organization doesn’t have a lot to capture it might be hard to make a 2-minute video for them.


  1. Communication and Organization is key!

As with any project, having good communication and organization with your client is essential! Since the interns are in full control of production, you want to make sure that everything from start to finish is organized. This means that once you’ve contacted the non-profit, you should keep them informed about your timeline and any concerns that you may have. You also want to find out if they have any specific requests for the video (voiceover, logos, color scheme, etc.). This way, both parties are informed throughout the entire production process. Remember what Rosemary always says, “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Production!”

Keep an eye out for our completed pro bono video for City Blossoms!