A Day Without Immigrants

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There have been a lot of protests going on in DC before and after the inauguration. Yesterday was another protest, A Day without Immigrants. Many restaurants and businesses across the country closed down for the day to demonstrate the importance of immigrants to America’s economy.

Our intern team researched and planned our production route. We first went to Busboys and Poets, one of which restaurants closed in support of immigrants, for a standup and then headed to the White House to get footage of the rally. Guess what? When we got to the National Mall, the area was as peaceful as a dove and not a single small protest was in sight.

One of the employees from Busboys and Poets gave us information that the start point of the march was at Mt. Pleasant. So we went there, hoping to find something, but only to hear that the march had already left towards the White House. We came back to the National Mall, but we still couldn’t find any protests. We were confused, wandering around either to try to come up with other alternatives or to wait for a stroke of luck to meet any marchers somewhere. And it happened! We spotted this lady holding a protest sign and just across the street was a crowd of people marching and chanting in Spanish. Almost as a reflex action, we ran hard to follow them. At last, we got some nice footage, interviewed the participants, and took photos of the scene.

Sometimes information or notices that are posted on the Internet may not be clear enough or there could be a spontaneous change of plans. But do not panic, keep your ears and eyes open. As long as you have a good mind and the drive to achieve something, you will get the story. Great work, guys!