Double R at Score DC’s “All Things Grants”

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When running a small business, it is important to pitch our company to others. Last Tuesday, our Double R crew attended the “All Things Grants” event hosted by DC Score at NOAA Science Center. Receiving grants is not an easy process; the purpose of “All Things Grants” is to invite small businesses and start-ups to provide them with educational information on the Federal Grant process. Double R was there to meet the attendees and inform them on what we do and how a video can help advertise or fund-raise for their businesses or non-profit more efficiently.

We started by setting up the booth, decorating our table and laying Double R cow pattern tablecloth, business cards, flyers and pens for a giveaway gift. Then we set up a monitor to present our past and recent video works.

At first, I was a little nervous about being a part of the booth because I was not sure if I could pitch our company to the people. However, it actually turned out to be very enjoyable. It was fun to talk to the people who showed interest in our business and listen to what they do as well.

Overall everything went smoothly. However, while our booth was the most eye-catching, there were no clear signs that we make videos. As people approached our booth, it seemed like many of them could not correlate Double R with video production. So we had to explain to every person what we do, which was actually a part of our job and all of us did very well. For future references, we could possibly attach video production related words or pictures around our step and repeat, so people could have a better idea of our company. As always, I want to thank my team for being cooperative and making everything go right with a fun atmosphere.