Every End is a New Beginning

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Our semester here at Double R Productions in Washington D.C. is coming to an end. Although this is our final week here, we have to stay positive because every end is a new beginning. During this internship period here at Double R Productions, we have learned a lot of practical skills and business tips. We gained a lot of knowledge that will be valuable in our future professional life! We are grateful for this wonderful semester.

Sofie – I am thankful for my colleagues and supervisor, Rosemary Reed, who took the time to guide us and give us advice on all of our projects. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort they spent on reviewing our work and giving us valuable feedback. I am also grateful for the knowledge and practical skills I have learned at my workplace. This adds such a tremendous amount of value needed to reach my future career goals. The Double R experience gave me new perspectives on different matters, such as the importance of speaking up for yourself and taking every opportunity to increase your abilities. Last but not least, an enormous thank you to the Double R team for taking me in as a part of their group and connecting me to others in their network.

Joseph – I am thankful for all the memories I made while here in Washington D.C. I have met people from all walks of life and am very satisfied with the experience I’ve had. While I am sad that my time with Double R Productions has to come to an end, I am confident with the knowledge that I have received. Thank you Double R Productions for giving me a chance to improve my video production skills and give me an experience that I will never forget.

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