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Crystal: Our time in D.C. has come to an end but the experiences and memories during our time here will last for a lifetime! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was walking through the doors of 1621 Connecticut Avenue excited for the semester I had before me. Here I am now wondering where the time went and amazed at how much knowledge I’m leaving this internship with. During my time here I became a frontline reporter for protests, a production assistant for various sets, and even a photographer for Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao! I’m so grateful for my co-interns, Matt and Soojin! We each came in with different skills and helped each other grow. We also became really great friends and I don’t think I would’ve survived this semester without you guys. The Double R team has truly become my family. Shout out to everyone in the office for answering my endless questions, dealing with my sugar rush and bursts of energy, judging my coffee/food choices (Paul Jamali…ahem!), and always making me laugh on some of our most stressful days. The whole team has been so influential in helping me grow into the person I am now and I thank you all for that!

Matt: I can’t believe this incredible semester has come to a close. Of course, it is upsetting that I will have to leave D.C. and Double R, but I am also excited to leave with many new skills and lessons learned from my experiences. The many hours of editing, brainstorming marketing ideas, and dealing with clients have taught me things that I could have never learned in a classroom. It was welcoming to be surrounded by a team of people that were determined to make sure Crystal, Soojin, and I got the best out of our time at Double R. We accomplished a lot together, and I know I’m going to miss Crystal and Soojin because we became a great team, and great friends. We shared a lot of laughs, accomplishments, and learning experiences together, but this would’ve never happened if it weren’t for Rosemary. Rosemary pushed us to go above and beyond. She provided us with great opportunities to prove ourselves, and she gave us confidence for our futures. I am very thankful for my time at Double R and I truly hope this isn’t the last time I see everyone. Farewell Double R! I will never forget what you have done for me!

Soojin: The last 12 weeks with my co-interns, Crystal and Matt, literally flew by. We have done a lot of great work together at Double R Productions. We covered four protests in DC, which I am very proud of, finished our blogs and vlogs always on time, and participated in almost every project within the company. Double R Productions truly offers hands on experience for those who hope to be working in video productions or broadcast industry. Double R has been a glimpse of the real world where I was able to learn so many practical skills that cannot be taught by classes. I know my experience at Double R and the knowledge I have gained through my experience here in DC will stand out as I look for jobs in Korea. One lesson I learned is that a successful internship is not only about what kind of work you do, but also who you work with. Thank you so much to my awesome intern team!