First and Fast Work!

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Hi, my name is Woojae Kwon from Korea. I’ve studied Advertising and PR at Hansei University in Gyeong-gi. Thanks to a Korean government program called KOREA WEST, I was able to come to the States five months ago. I became interested in the video industry while I was studying commercials, and that’s why I grabbed a chance to work at Double R Productions. It’s my first week of working at Double R, but I can feel and learn what the daily life of a production professional is by watching my team having a busy time at the end of this year.

The night before my first day of work, I was a little nervous because there would be shooting the next day. But it turns out it was a really invaluable experience. What I learned and watched on that day was everything I’ve learned in one semester of my ‘shooting’ lecture at school. Also knowing it and doing it, it was totally different. I think that’s exactly what all the interns in the world should realize.

Our client was the National Juvenile Defender Center. Four lawyers presented a PowerPoint about juvenile justice. Speeches were held in a large hall and one of my tasks was writing down time code. When presenters changed the slide while they were presenting, I checked every hour, minute and second to make editing easy for the editor. This was not my only task. I helped my team with setting up equipment, making up the speakers and wrapping up. It makes me really look forward to continue working for Double R Productions!