First Week Jitters

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Monday, as I wrote this, I remember I was looking outside a nearby window. I gazed at the bright red brick walls lining two adjacent buildings and a cloudy gray sky, but ultimately I narrowed my vision to the light pitter-patter of rain landing on a rooftop. I hadn’t realized it would rain during my first day, so I neglected to bring an umbrella. I can’t help but think that maybe that was a sign. A metaphor of sorts reminding me to always expect the unexpected and to roll with it – or maybe I should just remember to check the weather before coming in. But just between you and me – I like my first interpretation.

My time in DC, as an intern for Double R, is a story already beginning to unfold. It’s now the middle of the week and I’ve already picked up a few things. One: have your metro card in an easily accessible place because before you know you’ll be in a line moving rapidly through the turnstiles, and no one wants to be that guy holding up the queue as people go on their daily commute. Two: Its cold in DC and the wind is unforgiving to say the least. Woojae (my fellow intern) and I went on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, Dupont Circle. Lets just say in the future I’ll always remember to bring my fleece jacket to wear under my coat.  It was cold, but I enjoyed seeing all the different offices in the neighborhood. We even picked out a Halal truck where we can grab lunch when it gets warmer. Three: When in doubt there’s always something to read up on thanks to my handy dandy Double R Productions “How to Intern” binder. By this time next week I will likely be done reading it all, as it’s equally as helpful as it is thorough.

I’m excited and anxious to start this new journey. I’m sure it’s going to be a pivotal moment in my young adult life as I graduate in the spring and aim to move here during the summer.