Fourth of July!

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The Fourth of July in Washington D.C. is a really great experience and has been one of my favorite moments during my summer here in the capital.  Everyone in the city seemed to be participating in barbecues, parades, and parties.  There are a ton of free events to go to during the weekend celebrations, including the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.  This year marks the 50th anniversary for the festival and this summer’s themes include “On the Move, Migration Across Generations” & “Circus Arts”.  The festival offers free performances, hands-on activities and diverse food vendors to the public.

The best part of the Fourth of July in D.C. is definitely the fireworks!  The city has one of the best fireworks shows in the country and it was hands down the best show I have ever seen.  The fireworks are set off near the Washington Monument and there are a lot of great places to watch them.  Here are some of the places where people I talked to went to watch the fireworks:

  1. The National Mall– This seemed to be the most popular spot to view the show.  People could go and sit on the National Mall to get an up-close view of the fireworks with the      Washington Monument in the background.  A lot of people go here though, so be prepared           to goearly if you want a good spot!
  2. The National Cathedral– One of my friends went here to watch the show and he said it     was a good view that was not overcrowded.  Plus, you get to see the beautiful cathedral!
  3. Rosemary Reed’s Rooftop Deck– This VIP location is reserved for only the finest          Washingtonian socialites and Double R employees.  It offers a great view and even       greater company.
  4. Office Buildings & High-Rises– A lot of different tall buildings around the city have a       good view of the fireworks.  On my way to go see the fireworks, I met a girl in an Uber who       was going to her office building to drink and watch the show with her coworkers.  Talk        about a job with benefits!
  5. Lady Bird Johnson Park– This is where I went to enjoy the fireworks.  It was absolutely   beautiful.  The    park is located on an island directly across the Potomac River from the National Mall.  We sat along a bike trail and watched the hundreds of boats out on the        river.  The fireworks reflected off the water to have an even greater effect.  I am really glad       we went there to watch the show; it was far away from the big crowds and was a very          cool, calm environment.