Full hands-on experience

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At Double R Productions we, as interns, receive a wonderful hands-on experience at a full service media communications/video production company. In this blog we will talk about the different aspects we get to learn in our practice-oriented internship at Double R. It includes six different components, namely production, editing, social media, PR and marketing, writing blogs, and individual video projects. We get the great opportunity to learn it all.

Production – When preparing a video production shoot, we have to consider the seven P’s of production: “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Production”. Overall, making a plan and being prepared is the key to producing videos. There are three main procedures that have to be kept in mind during a production process. Firstly, there is preproduction in which it is important to make call sheets and release forms. The next step takes place at the shoot itself in which it is essential to anticipate and to make sure crew and clients are comfortable. Last but not least, there is post-production in which blurbs should be written and all footage should be filed.

Editing – Since we have been here we have been fortunate thus far to have award winning editors who have been helpful in every project. Using Avid requires practice, but it helps when you have people who are willing to show you even the simplest thing, like rendering a project.

Social Media – The interns at Double R are responsible for posting pictures on the company’s Instagram account. We have to be aware that working with a business is different than a personal account. The aim is to present the activities and projects Double R is working on. The pictures we take are accompanied with a clever and meaningful caption, so the audience can learn something from it. When this is published, appropriate hashtags are added to target and reach our intended audience.

PR and Marketing – Any successful business must be able to market themselves, and here at Double R that is something that is highly valued. As interns, we have gotten to help with marketing by creating postcards that are sent all over the world. We also wrote press releases that explained our projects for the semester to our respective schools.

Blogs and Vlogs – Every week we write a blog and during this fall semester we create two vlogs, both about working at Double R Productions. The focus of the blogs is on what we learn during our internship. The focal point of the vlogs is about improving our camera, audio and editing skills. This by being creative, getting out of the office and surprising the audience with a catchy 1-2 minute video. It’s a challenge but a great way to strengthen our practical skills.

Video Projects – One of our first projects was a 30 second elevator speech. This proved to be harder than expected because we had to try and memorize our original speeches. Later on, we got experience reporting for a large social injustice protest. Currently, we have been busy working on our individual PSAs. These are exciting because they allow us to express our different interests and passions.