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I honestly cannot believe that it is time for me to leave D.C. and Double R.  It seemed like I was finally getting into the rhythm of working here and living in the city.  It has been the fastest summer of my life and definitely one of the most fun.  I highly recommend doing a summer internship in D.C., especially if you can find one as interesting as this.  Before I came here, I really didn’t know anything about video production.  Over the course of the summer, I learned how to coordinate a shoot, film, edit, and build a relationship with a client.  I also learned about running a small business in a very competitive market and how to approach new potential clients.  I really enjoyed learning the valuable skills that I acquired this summer at Double R.

I am excited to go back home because I miss my family, my friends, and especially my dog, Magic.  I am returning to IUP and will be graduating in the spring with a double major in marketing and economics.  I plan on trying to find a career that merges marketing with my new interest in video production.  I have always planned on looking for jobs in the Pittsburgh area, but after this summer, I am going to expand my search to include the D.C. area.  I’m excited to see what the future holds for me and I want to make the most out of my last year in college.  I am really happy I did this summer internship.  I was able to live in the city for the first time in my life, met a lot of great people and had a ton of cool experiences.  I am very thankful that Rosemary gave me this opportunity and I will always remember my time here at Double R Productions.


This summer flew by so fast. I was very nervous coming to live in a city where I didn’t know anyone. I also had to figure out how to get around by myself. Luckily, that nervousness quickly went away with the friends that I made and the team at Double R. I’ve had so many great experiences while in D.C., including exploring the city, being here for the fourth of July, experiencing the nightlife, and making lots of new friends. This internship has opened my eyes to other ways of living and working. I want to look for a permanent job down here and live here. If I have the chance to start my career here it would make for a great adventure.

After I leave D.C. I will be continuing my job search. I want to thank Rosemary for giving me this great opportunity. I wouldn’t have the skill set I do now if it wasn’t for her and all of the Double R team. I learned many new things and got refreshers on the things I already knew. The skill set I acquired while interning has given me the confidence to go for my dream job or whatever job comes my way. I am looking forward to what the near future will bring and will never forget my time here at Double R.