Intern in the Spotlight

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As promised, here’s a recap from my big on-screen debut:

I was pretty nervous in the morning. I brought a ton of different outfits and worried that Rosemary and Megan wouldn’t like any of them but they actually approved what I was already wearing! Claudio, Megan, and Jose set up the cameras and the white backdrop while I studied my lines and talked to Rosemary about how to present myself on-camera. I was relieved when she told me that we would be breaking up the script into a number of takes so I wouldn’t need to read all the lines at once. Standing under the lights with the camera rolling was nerve-wracking at first but became easier over time and with Rosemary’s helpful coaching, We shot each section of the script three times using a wide shot, a medium shot, and a tight shot. After each take Megan would touch up my makeup and fix my bangs, which were not cooperating that morning. Altogether the filming took about an hour and a half and was a lot of fun! I learned a lot more about lighting and the importance of minimizing shadows on the face before filming. I also realized how difficult it can be to look directly into the camera. I had to redo a number of takes because my eyes were wandering all over the room! Overall, I really enjoyed my first on-camera experience and I just last week I had the chance to be on camera for another shoot! The second time around was a lot less nerve wracking but since we were shooting outside I was nearly blinded by the sun!