It’s Celebration Time!

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As we went into this week we knew that it would be an exciting one. For us interns, it would be our first real video shoots. The Double R team started the week off early Monday morning by going to AMIDEAST. This American non-profit organization provides students from the Middle East and North Africa scholarships and exchange programs to study in America. During this shoot we were responsible for helping with the setting up the scenes for the interviews. First, three Lebanon’s students were interviewed about their experience with AMIDEAST. The last interviewee was the ambassador of the organization, Theodore H. Kattouf, who talked about the vision and goals of AMIDEAST. Through this we were able to learn valuable information on how to act on the set of a shoot, while also learning the ins and outs of the equipment. In addition, Sofie was in charge of doing the make up of the interviewees and Joseph had to make sure the release forms were filled in.

On Wednesday, we were allowed to attend the Women in Film and Video Executive Breakfast at the City Club of Washington. This event turned into a great networking opportunity for us as interns to meet professionals in the field. One element that was really wonderful about the event was that it celebrated four women-led companies in the media that have been successful for many years in the DC area. The four women were Linda Maslow (The Maslow Media Group), Gwen McKinney (McKinney & Associates), Michal Carr (Hillmann & Carr) and Double R’s very own Rosemary Reed. Double R Productions was also able to celebrate their 30th anniversary! After eating breakfast we had a panel of questions and answers with the four women and Rosemary acting as the moderator. Lessons that the panelists stressed out were to be fearless and taking risks. As a new business owner you can never give up and you must always try to keep moving forward.

On Thursday we went to the National Woman’s Party at Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument. During this party, Double R Productions was in charge to capture footage of the Alice Awards. After the program, set up for interviews with three of the board members; Lucy Calautti, the President; Susan Carter, the Vice President; and Jennifer Krafchik, Acting Executive Director. They all pointed out that everybody should join the Party even if you are a male. We learned that each and everyone should be inspired by it and make sure that all women have their vote in the democracy. Overall, the shootings of this week were truly great events and we thoroughly enjoyed being part of it.