Joseph Goes to Double R

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Due to the holiday on Monday, we had a shortened week but it was still interesting and fun-filled. As I settled into my second week at Double R, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. After a couple of months of anticipation I was finally here to work. Here at Double R, we have a great team that made me feel welcome from the first minute I got here. Like anything new there was still a little bit of an adjustment period as I started getting used to taking the metro everyday to get to work. On Tuesday, I was a little nervous because we showed our first in-camera videos as a team. Since we couldn’t edit the footage we captured, we had to make sure that the shots were precise. It was also exciting to see the outcome of our profile pictures that will be posted on the website because I felt that really just solidified me being apart of the Double R team. For this week’s project we worked on our 30-second elevator speeches. As I was performing, I had to make changes to simplify them as much as possible. On the second time around it took much less time and it was fascinating watching myself perform. I think that it was effective in helping me know what to say in a small amount of time. It allowed me to cut and decide what aspects of myself that I wanted people to know the most. After filming we also learned the basics of using the software editing system Avid, which is new to me. I have had experience doing video production but only with FinalCut Pro and Adobe Premiere. While it is new, I am glad to add a new skill to my editing. Overall, I thought that it was a very good and productive week and can’t wait to continue moving forward in the semester.