Let’s give back!

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Giving back to the community is a very important task. This week we filmed the Arcadia Garden Mobile Market for our pro bono project. Our intern pro bono project is our chance to showcase a deserving non-profit and create a video for them. Arcadia is located in Virginia and provides a vast number of crops and programs. It provides a lot of help for the surrounding areas and offers healthy food options.

The Mobile Market comes to D.C. food deserts, meaning there is no grocery store within a mile of the location. It provides locally farm fresh produce to lower income communities. The Mobile Market takes federal assistant programs like SNAP and senior farmers’ markets checks. Also they have a Bonus Bucks program that doubles the amount on a food check. They have a Veteran Farmer Program, which gives vets knowledge on farming and tactics. Another program is Farm to School, which educates children on the farm to school process. The Mobile Market not only offers nutrition to a community, but also education.

I thought the mobile market was really neat. All the customers were grateful to have this asset in their neighborhood. We talked to a loyal customer named Ashley, and she said, “Some people can’t afford to feed their kids breakfast, lunch, and dinner so this helps out a lot.” Arcadia provides those families in need with a sense of relief that they are able to get a healthy option at a price within their budget. The market also brings people together by sharing recipes and giving tips on how to prepare unique dishes.

Everyone can gain something out of the Mobile Market, even the workers. The Mobile Market Manager, Erin, shared that she loves her job and one of her favorite parts is the people. She said, “They are very gracious and thankful for all that she and the workers do.” I think it’s important to keep programs like this going. Arcadia not only gives back to the community but it also helps veterans, it educates kids and it gives others people the satisfaction they can provide a healthy option for their families.

At DOUBLE R PRODUCTIONS we think it’s very important to give back to the community. That is one of the reasons we had this assignment. The first point was to promote Arcadia and all the good they are doing throughout the community and the second point is to show that DOUBLE R PRODUCTIONS has the intern team experience with production. You tell us what your idea is and we consult, shoot, edit, and we get it right.