Lights! Camera! Action!

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This week was an exciting one for Double R! We began the week with recording the first two pilot shows of DC’s Panorama. DC’s Panorama is a collaboration project between Double R and UDC TV to bring a voice to the people of Washington DC.  Getting to this point took a lot of work from the entire team at Double R. We all pitched ideas to make the show appealing to our audience and researched activists and community leaders around DC as guests for the show. It took a lot of work but in the end, it all came together!
Working behind the scenes during the production process was a new experience for me! I want to work in the newsroom once I graduate, so having the opportunity to be in a control room and helping with various tasks was very beneficial. My roles for the day consisted of being an assistant to the guests and operating the teleprompter. I love meeting new people, so it was great being able to interact with residents in the DC area. The two guests that I got to know were Brandon Watts and Trayon White. Brandon is a student activist at Howard University and used his life experience to influence his interest in becoming a civil rights attorney. Trayon White is a city councilmember for Ward 8 and is passionate about the youth having access to education. This led to him creating HICKS, Inc. (Helping Inner City Kids Succeed).

“Trump in the District” and “What are Humanities & How Do I Meet One?” were the two pilot shows that we recorded. Both shows had thought provoking conversations from people that are directly impacted by President Trump’s policies. I was fortunate enough to have my news package, “A Day Without Immigrants”, featured on “Trump in the District.” This was my very first news story that I have covered and edited since being at Double R, so it was an honor to have it showcased!

DC’s Panorama is an amazing opportunity that I’m so excited to be part of! Giving a voice to those who don’t get a vote on the hill is what this is all about.  Now the hard part – finding sponsors! Make sure you stay tuned for the release of the first two pilots of DC’s Panorama and follow our twitter @DCPanorama!