Low Temperatures and High Spirits

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I have only spent one day here as an intern at Double R, but I have already learned so much! Emma and I arrived yesterday morning for our Harpeth Hall, two-week Winterim internship. After we finished filling out our paperwork we then braved the cold to head out into the neighborhood on a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt sent us all over Dupont Circle, finding locations such as Office Depot, the bank, the post office, and some restaurants. After completing that task, we were ready to return to the Double R office to warm up and meet the rest of the staff. Everybody was so welcoming and friendly, and we are excited to get to know the Double R team in the next couple of weeks.

We were also able to go over our schedule and projects for our time here at
Double R. We learned that we would be completing projects such as an elevator speech and a Martin Luther King Day tribute. Today, Emma and I are working on our “in-the-camera” assignment, in which we pick a topic and shoot a video about it with no editing. We will film this assignment on Monday. Before then, we will also learn the basics of using the camera and editing software.

Even though we have only been interns at Double R for just one day, Emma and I have already accomplished a lot. We know that our next two weeks will be action-packed, and we are so excited.

~ Claire Litchfield