Mistakes and Mischief Offer Growth

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It is only week two for me at Double R and I can’t believe how involved and included I am with the team! In these past two weeks, I have already practiced using the camera and searched for music for a public service announcement. This past Tuesday I helped train the American Trucking Associations’ leadership class for the media under Aquarian Production and Entertainment Services contract.

The awesomeness of the staff and other interns boosts my motivation to be the best that I can be, but on Tuesday I learned that even if you try your best you are still going to make mistakes. Tuesday morning, I was full of excitement because I was going to see what working outside of the office looked like. At 10:30, we had a quick meeting to go over the presentation and who was doing what. Then, everything was promptly packed and we were out looking for our Uber driver by 11… or so we thought. Everything was not packed. We had the camera, the Teleprompter, and microphones, but we had forgotten our lights and makeup bag. These two pieces are essential to a production set. Now, we weren’t producing, but in order for the ATA class to get the best media training we needed all of our equipment. Sadly, this was not our only dilemma. Our Teleprompter was not working correctly. My anxiety was running through the roof! I had to stay calm.

Thanks to the wonderful Lauren, who wasn’t even at the training, we were able to fix the Teleprompter. Also, Lauren came to the training to drop off the lights and makeup bag. She was our savior!

After the crisis I learned a few things. The most important lesson I learned is to READ THE CALL SHEET! The call sheet lists everything you need to take when going out on a video or media training project. It is very important to make sure you have everything listed on that call sheet to ensure a more successful day and a happy Rosemary.

The next lesson I learned is almost as important. I learned that you are going to make mistakes and that is okay. It is imperative to learn and grow from errors that you’ve made. Yes, making a mistake can be embarrassing and even scary. The best part about being human though, is that we all have flaws and we can all learn from them.

As I continue my internship with Double R, I am nervous about making mistakes, but I am also optimistic because I know I will learn valuable lessons and won’t make the same mistake again.

– Matt Baer