New Year, New Intern

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My first week as an intern here at Double R has almost come and gone, and in only one week I’ve learned so much. All of this has been through experience, so needless to say, I’ve been busy. I’ve completed the intern scavenger hunt, learned the basics of the editing software, written and filmed two elevator speeches, and just yesterday I filmed my In-the-Camera assignment with Soojin, my intern colleague. The process started by writing the script and planning the shots for the video, but the most exciting part was actually getting out into the city to film it. Lucky for us, the weather was cooperative, as yesterday was the first day of my entire time in DC that the temperature was above freezing at 45 whole degrees!

After a few hours of shooting, countless strange looks from passersby, and dealing with passionate* street performers, we finished our video. I loved shooting the video, especially when I got to be behind the camera. Just a few days ago, I barely would have been able to operate the type of camera that I was using, but by the end of the shoot, I was adjusting the lighting, white balance, and audio like a pro. Note: I am far from a pro. Hopefully I’m on my way.

I’m looking forward to more exciting projects next week: learning how to do closed captioning, how to work a TelePrompTer, and working as a production assistant for a news package on the inauguration. Here’s to another great week!

*passionate = loud

-Sophia Grande