Off to a Good Start!

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After a couple of days exploring Washington DC, the internship at Double R Productions has finally started. On my first day I was definitely excited, but nervous at the same time. I had questions about what my colleagues will be like and what specific projects I will be working on. Arriving at Double R Productions was a charming encounter thanks to Rosemary Reed as she referred to a typical American expression: ‘The early bird gets the worm’. Since I am from Belgium I am thrilled to immerse myself into the American culture. So this already feels like a good start, which is half the battle.

The second day at Double R Productions was a fun and productive one. I had the opportunity to go on a site survey at Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument. The National Woman’s Party will be holding their Alice Award Luncheon here. It was a pleasant visit as I was greeted by the hosts, who then gave us a walk-through of the event. You can definitely expect photos of the Double R Production team in action on September 14th.

Later in the week I got the chance to set-up our insert studio as well as learn how to use the camera. I was taught on how to zoom, focus and white balance. Furthermore, I was in charge of the teleprompter and I helped a boy named Saket tell his story about him and his autistic brother, Himal. It is amazing to get a better look behind the scenes of a video production shoot. I am definitely ready to learn more about the specific steps on how to send a message and capture the audience’s attention. I am confident that I will learn more, work hard and gain an incredible experience here at Double R Productions. The most exciting part is that my journey has only just begun. ‘Hi’ to those who are reading this and thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!