Preparation is Key

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How can you be successful? This is a question that considerable amounts of people ask themselves these days. Currently, we are living in what is called an achievement-oriented society. This means that the focus is put on individual achievements that affect our job development opportunities. As a result, we are afraid to fail and we strive for success. Apart from determining if this is the way in which a society should work, I think it is useful for young professionals to learn how they can create their own success.

During my time here in Washington DC, I am in an environment that puts the focus on career development and professionalism. So far, I have learned that to be successful, it is very important to stay organized, to plan and never give up. Following your dreams is something that has been highlighted by many people whom I have encountered. To ensure that you can accomplish your dreams and to achieve your goals, you should be prepared. Preparation is key!

This week my Double R internship partner, Joseph, and I took an examination on the different aspects important for working at a video production company. Fortunately, I did a great job and passed the quizzes. When I talked to my friends at The Washington Center about this examination, they were confused. “What if you fail?” most of them asked, which is a perfect reference to the printed idea of making sure not to fail in this society. Apart from that, these tests I had to take at Double R are perfect examples of getting yourself prepared for working at a company. This is how you can learn the specific components and details to achieve bigger projects.

From my own experience I can tell that the educational system puts primarily a major emphasize on organization and preparation. In high school it was taught that good preparation and organization is necessary to help keep your head clear. I know that if I adhere to these guidelines while working at Double R Production, that I can develop myself as a professional. I am so glad to have the opportunity to work at a small business and to gain real world professional career experiences as well. It will help me clarify what I am looking for in a workplace.