Protests make DC unique!

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One of the most interesting things about living in Washington D.C. is being exposed to different current political issues.  Every weekend there are rallies, protests, and marches for a variety of causes, ranging from public education reform to climate change awareness.  Recently, there have been a lot of events and demonstrations about healthcare.  On Monday, Sarah and I went to Capitol Hill to cover a particular healthcare rally called “Millions Marching for Medicare for All.”  Although they were roughly 999,950 protestors short of a million, I still found the rally interesting.  The organizers held the event on the lawn directly in front of the Capitol Building.  Speakers addressed why they believe a single-payer healthcare system (Medicare for all) would benefit this country.  They think it would be a much better alternative than the Affordable Care Act or the many proposed Republican healthcare bills.  I thought it was cool that even smaller-sized rallies could receive permission to demonstrate in front of the Capitol.  It is a constitutional right that not many citizens take advantage of.

I definitely believe that living in D.C. forces a person to become more politically aware.  Politics is what D.C. revolves around and it’s something you encounter here every day.  I love that people actively go out and support their beliefs.  I really think that people should be more engaged in their interests and voice their opinions.  There are also a ton of different open discussions, meetings, lectures, and panels on various subjects almost every day.  If you live in D.C., you could easily get involved in causes that deal with issues on a local, national, or global scale.  This is one of the main reasons D.C. is distinct and different from other major U.S. cities.