Settling in!

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I’m definitely starting to settle into my internship here at Double R.   I really like when we go out on shoots because I learn a lot about video production and get to meet new people.  Last week, we filmed public service announcements for Members of Congress.   It was amazing to meet so many Members of Congress in person.  This week, we filmed at a conference held by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and it was interesting to hear about such a great cause.

A big part of any summer internship in D.C. is the HEAT!  It gets so hot in D.C. during the summers, especially for someone who isn’t used to it.  Last Sunday, I experienced the first day over 90 degrees while I was playing basketball with some friends, and the heat could only be described as ‘intense’.  Here are some helpful tips on how to beat the heat if you ever visit D.C. in the summer:



  1. WATER.  Make sure you bring 1 or 2 cold water bottles with you whenever you walk around the city.  It can be hard to find a bottle of water for sale for under $3 here.
  2. PLAN YOUR TOURIST VISITS. If you want to see the typical attractions of D.C., plan to visit the museums during the dayand see the monuments in the evenings or at night.  Most museums close at 5 P.M. and are usually air-conditioned, so you can stay out of the sun while learning a lot of cool stuff.  You can also really appreciate the monuments with a sunset in the background or while they’re lit up at night.
  3. AVOID HOT CARS.  Hot cars are older subway cars that do not have working air conditioning.  If you have a long ride ahead, you might want to wait until a newer train arrives so you can ride in cool comfort.
  4. AVOID DARK COLORS.  I made this mistake by wearing dark brown khakis on a day that was 95 degrees.  White clothes are your friends here!

If you follow these tips, you will beat the heat and survive the summer here whether you are a tourist, a businessperson, or a Double R intern.