Take home projects

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Only four weeks are left until this wonderful semester in Washington D.C. comes to an end. In this blog I want to focus on my final projects at Double R Productions, how I will accomplish them and what I will take home with me.

First, my internship partner and I are adding the final touches to our second vlog. At the beginning, this project was kind of a struggle for both of us. It was hard to find a clever and creative idea that was different from the previous Double R intern’s vlogs. It was difficult trying to include topics that we are both interested in, as we have completely different personalities. Eventually, we managed to come up with the idea of combining working out and discovering culture in the city. We learned a lot from this project. For example, what locations in D.C. you are not allowed to shoot with a tripod.

Second, every intern team at Double R Productions has the opportunity to make a video for a non-profit organization based on their interests. One of the goals of this video is to provide marketing assistance for a local non-profit with no budget. In other words, it is about giving back to the community. Another goal is to gain hands-on experience when creating a video, from contacting an organization to delivering the final product.

The last video project that I will be working on at Double R is the production of a 30 second long public service announcement (PSA). We had to come up with a worthy idea on the environment. This idea has to be produced and edited from concept to completion. I chose to focus on how pesticides are ruining our soil and the nutrients in our produce. For me the challenge during this project was creating the script. I discovered that it is tough writing a simple script while also trying to include a valuable message.

Overall, all of the things I have learned during these projects I will use in my professional career. By making mistakes and redoing different parts of the video-making process, the projects have given me insight on how to produce a better video. You won’t learn how to do something right, If you don’t learn from your mistakes.