The wait is finally over!

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The wait is finally over!  I am finally in D.C. beginning my internship at Double R Productions.  It is so exciting being in a new atmosphere and getting a hands-on chance to learn about video production.  I met my fellow intern Sarah, who also goes to my university and I’m look forward to doing projects with her.  The office is a really cool environment and everyone here is happy to help us if we have any questions.

Double R is going to keep me BUSY this summer, which is a good thing.  I am going to learn so much and get a lot of valuable experience.  I can tell that they have a well-developed internship program because they have different interesting assignments scheduled for us to do so that we can quickly learn how everything at Double R works. We got to explore the neighborhood of Dupont Circle on the first day when they sent Sarah and I out on a scavenger hunt in the area around the office.

The second day, we got to take place in our first office meeting.  Double R is a small office of ten people and communication is key.  The meeting consisted of going over upcoming events and projects and dividing up the work.  I really liked how once the work is divided up, everyone has the freedom and responsibility to complete it without constant supervision.  Rosemary trusts everyone to produce quality work.

On the third day, Sarah and I got to create our own story and film it!  In the “In-the-Camera Challenge” we had to film a short video sequentially without the ability to go back and edit the footage.  It was a challenging, but fun experience that let us go out into the city and film our story.  A note to future interns: make sure you REMEMBER THE MEMORY CARD!  It’s impossible to record anything without it.  It was a little stressful at first, but definitely something to laugh about later.

I am looking forward to next week and the opportunity to work with members of Congress and their families.  I can’t wait to see what else this summer at Double R Productions has in store!