Turning a New Page

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I am super excited to finally be in D.C.! I’m in a big city pursuing even bigger dreams, and it’s even better that I’m interning with Double R Productions. After hearing many complaints from other interns on the first day (if the first day is crappy than that’s a huge sign to run away as fast as you can), I feel lucky and fortunate to be working for a company that actually cares about its interns. Before arriving, I thought the office would be white walls and lame pictures of buildings or crappy art that not even a thrift store would carry. Boy was I wrong! The environment is bright and cheery and has lots of personality (I’ve never seen so many flying pigs and cows in my life). I even have my own office. Amen to that! What’s even better is that the other intern Maggie and I have a lot in common and I can already tell we will be having a fun-filled semester.
Speaking of fun, Maggie and I became the next set of victims of the Double Rscavenger hunt. Like past interns have stated, the first half was a breeze. However, “the hunt” started getting tricky when we had to find the landlord. Let’s just say by the time we came back, our feet felt like fire but we couldn’t stop laughing. We totally walked in the opposite direction and then found out that his office is pretty much right next-door (a hint for the next set of victims). Turns out, the last name was spelled wrong which is why we went to the other side of DuPont Circle. The detour was worth it though because when we finally found him, he was really nice and gave a tour of his office with a brief history about the area. We also took a picture with him, which was awesome. 
While we were searching for the landlord’s office, Maggie and I ran into a guy that interns at a recording studio where rapper Wale records. I guess if we weren’t lost we wouldn’t have met him, so we found a new treasure in being lost. I now realize that I may be networking at random times and with random people while I’m here.
This is only the first week and I can already see a change in the way I think and view things. D.C.  exposes me to a variety of cultures and viewpoints, which is an experience I definitely don’t get all the time in boring Ohio. I sense that something amazing will happen by the time I leave here (hopefully I get a job), and that I will not be the same person that I was before. I know that Double R and the many people I will meet and network with will put me one step closer to reaching my potential and making my dreams a reality. Not to be cheesy, but with graduation right around the corner (whoo!) and tons of opportunities ahead, I truly feel like, in the book of life, I am turning a new page.
Vicrina Aberdeen