What it Means to work in production in Washington DC

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At Double R Productions, I’ve been learning beyond the basics of shooting and assisting on set. More importantly, I’ve been learning how to work with people.

This month we had a lot of projects. First, I was Double R’s cameraman for the Women’s March. I was the eyes and ears for the people at home. Now we’re making a gun PSA to announce the facts of gun violence. Sometimes we help out other companies to teach them about how to respond to media and press. Last week, together with Aquarian LLC, we held a media training workshop for American Trucking Associations.

One reason why Rosemary, president of Double R, survived the media industry for 30 years, is that she always treats clients as a partner and friend. If she treated clients only as a contract, Double R would not be around today.

Thanks to Cultural Vistas, I was able to meet Double R and the great team members. I think opportunity is the same as oxygen. It is obviously in the air, but we can’t see it. Many opportunities pass us by without notice. But if you trust yourself and try to meet mentors or sponsors, you can reach your goals. Don’t let your opportunities be wasted.