Women’s March on Washington 2018

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Last weekend, I went to the Women’s March on Washington 2018 and shot with the JVC camera. Before the march, I was a little nervous because it was my first experience at a U.S. protest and also it was my first time shooting by myself. However it was really exciting. There was a diverse crowd of people, from the elderly to young kids and various posters. What especially blew me away was that there were a lot of cameramen and reporters. They were struggling to get good footage by using Gimbals and skateboards. The funny thing was that every person who saw my camera made a gesture by staring into the lens.

After shooting, I also edited the footage. This process was harder for me than shooting. To make it worse, my footage was very grainy and then I realized I had failed to control the lights. Aperture, iris and shutter speed are more sensitive than I thought. Also, what makes editing really hard was selecting only a few clips among the rest of the footage. Even though I gave the same amount of attention to every shot, I had to cut out a lot of clips. Finally, I am satisfied with my final video. I especially tried hard to find suitable music but then I decided to pick jazz blues because I thought this event looked like a huge picnic.